he nervous system is vulnerable to a variety of environmental insults. It can be affected by injuries, infections, degeneration, structural defects, tumors, inflammation, metabolic disorders, as well as disorders of the circulatory system. Brain injuries and illnesses encompass a wide spectrum of dysfunction which may have varying degrees of impact on behavior, cognition, emotions, memory, motor & sensory function, as well as speech, language and vision.

The non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from brain injury and neurological problems is a primary specialty at Missouri Brain & Spine. As neurological rehabilitation specialists, our primary goals is for patients to recover function in order to return back to work or regain independence after brain injury or stroke.

Our physicians have extensive training in the evaluation and management of disorders of the nervous system, and are regarded as experts by both the healthcare and legal arena. Many of our staff and cooperative physicians are nationally and internationally recognized, and hold teaching positions in the fields of Clinical Neurology and Neurological Rehabilitative Science. Current evidence-based research and experience supports that early participation in an individualized treatment program directed towards brain-based deficiencies decreases short-term complications and optimizes long-term functional outcome and quality of life.

Neurological Conditions Seen by Our Physicians