Computerized Dynamic Posturography


t Missouri Brain & Spine, we utilize Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) to objectively measure the functionality of our patient’s three sensory inputs when they are entering our vestibular and neurological rehabilitation programs.

Computerized Dynamic Posturography is complementary to our other clinical tests, and designed to localize and categorize pathological mechanisms of balance disorders. The platform has sensors that measure how well patients maintain their balance as the walls of the booth move and the surface they are standing on moves under their feet. The tests are conducted with eyes open and with eyes closed. Patients are supported by a safety harness throughout the testing to ensure they won’t fall and injure themselves. This baseline data provides us immediate feedback on the overall effectiveness of a patient’s individualized therapy program and helps us to fine tune each patients program to maximize results.

Our treatment protocols push the patient beyond normal comfort levels in the safety of the CDP equipment to build confidence and re-learn their normal limits of stability and center balance. Once the patient meets the established goals, they are brought outside the comfort of the CDP machine to transfer what they learned in a real-life environment to further help build their confidence.


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