rain injuries, whether traumatic or acquired, can range from mild to severe. They can interfere with the way a person thinks, behaves and functions, leaving the individual unable to perform basic tasks and affecting memory, concentration, communication, speech, swallowing and vision, as well as mobility. For some, recovery can take weeks or months. For others, it is a lifelong process. Our brain injury rehabilitation professionals understand this and work tirelessly to help patients maximize their skills and independence.

Missouri Brain & Spine delivers an integrated and intensive brain injury rehabilitation program to address the complex needs of each patient. As a specialized facility, we provide the earliest possible start to brain injury rehabilitation to help optimize the recovery of individuals at every level of injury: physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral.

Our comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation program also focuses on the unique needs of individuals who have a dual-diagnosis of traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury and require advanced treatment for their complex physical, functional and cognitive challenges.

Our goal-directed approach helps brain injury patients to:

  • Maximize functional outcomes.
  • Develop new cognitive and behavioral strategies to compensate for any deficits.
  • Improve physical function and mobility to enhance the skills needed to perform daily activities.
  • Overcome the psychological and social problems that often interfere with the life at home, work and/or in the community.