o longer is the pain just a symptom of a disease, illness or injury; it becomes an illness unto itself. Regardless of the location or cause of chronic pain, many patients with chronic pain will develop altered patterns of brain activity, which may result in occupational disabilities, insomnia, cognitive deficits, depression, anxiety, and ultimately a diminished quality of life. All too often, specific forms of pain treatment, such as medications, injections or surgery, do little to relieve the chronic pain itself, or the long-term suffering and disability that can develop.

Missouri Brain & Spine understands that recovering from chronic pain requires a multi-systems approach that addresses these aberrant patterns within the brain, as well as the emotional and physical consequences. Our primary goal is to restore functioning and emphasizes a decreased dependence of pain medications, minimize pain behaviors, and reduce the reliance of healthcare professions, thus allowing the return to a fulfilling lifestyle.

A Few of the Conditions That We Treat